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    Ok, so maybe you’ve got a client like a big accountancy firm or offline business and you want to give them a slick site at the lowest cost. Or maybe you want to leapfrog into becoming that big business – and want a theme that looks like you’ve spent some real money on creating a ‘proper’ website. Perhaps you just want to add a shopfront or store to your pages. Here’s a collection of 20+ themes that might be useful for such occasions.

    Some might need a bit of customization – I’ll try to include examples and tutorials down the track, so remember to call back if you need those. If you’ve done a customization to one of these themes here, or know of another good business site for us to mention – drop us a line!

    1. Website Traffic

    One of my favorite free business-like themes, you know it’s a serious company because there’s nowhere to put ads on the front page. Or, the whole thing is one giant ad for the business. If you look at companies like General Electric, they go for a feel that is not dissimilar. Last I checked the designers needed an email reminder to get the download file linked properly. They also have some great looking paid sites I’m hoping to try out in the future.

    wordpress professional themes

    Test RunDownloadDesigner’s Website

    2. Sonar Tech

    I normally like to show free themes where possible, but at $31 this price is pretty negligible. Working for clients often means you would have to pay to remove footer credits anyway (few of them like having an ad for a cruise or poker site in their footer – or an angry email from a designer if you delete it).

    I like it better than the one above, all in all. There’s nothing about it that isn’t crisp and slick when you look at the demo in full format. It’s not hard to imagine adding a couple of zeros when you bill a client for organizing this theme for them.

    Demo and Designer’s Website


    3. Corporate 1.0

    Ok, it looks a little plain from the screenshot, but hey it’s free. And replace the title with a logo, maybe make a red navigation menu, and replace the other elements with image based introductions and menus, and you could have a site not dissimilar to a Dynadot or a Kodak. You might want to keep the footer section small. Let us know if you have any success with playing around with it.

    Test runDownloadDesigner’s Website


    4. WordPress Remix

    If you haven’t seen WordPress Remix yet, it’s a boon for web designers looking to churn out professional sites for clients. It’s not free, but well worth it, if you value your time in. Basically you pay for a license, and then you get a package with something like 50 great page templates you can switch between – for each and every any page. You access each one in your basic WordPress desktop, and each one is further fully customizable (if you should ever need to).

    It’s really easy to use, but what I like about it is the clean look of the sites. I’ll post a few of my favorite screenshots, but you’ll have to check out the full portfolio to really see how it works. With options for contact pages, product pages, FAQs, sitemaps – even magazine style pages – this is probably the easiest way to get a business site done that I’ve come across yet.

    Demo, Screenshots and Download

    4. Notepad

    I love this free theme – nothing “bloggy” about it – and not dissimilar to Website Traffic at the top. Another great thing  is the fact that it comes in 13 different color combinations, making it a really quick 1,2,3 to setting up a professional looking business entry page.


    6. Artificial Intelligence

    This might be a good free theme for someone with a hosting, domain selling, or other IT business. The sphere themed header is quite smooth, and you could add your own logo over it, or replace the title in the top left hand corner to make a professional theme.

    Test RunDownloadDeveloper’s Website

    7. WP Contact Manager

    Just say a big company doesn’t want a website – but maybe a central database for everyone to collate some sort of details – phone numbers, emails, job details, whatever. You could build such a thing from scratch and charge them thousands. Or you could download this for nothing and charge them the same thing. Let us know if you come up with an innovative use for this unique theme.

    Test DriveDownloadDesigner’s Website


    8. Timeless Perceptions

    Going from high end to low end here, this is one of the free themes that I’ve had some success with as an online store. Sometimes the best WordPress themes are ones you wouldn’t invent yourself in a month of Sundays. It sort of reminds me of a budget, fast moving camera or binoculars store, and so that’s what I’ve given it. I even left the little flame logo because it suited the “hot deals” theme.

    Test RunDownloadDesigner’s Website

    9. Several3

    Several3 has a great horizontal navigation section, and a color scheme you can use happily straight out of the box.

    Demo Download


    10. Template Pro Shopping Template

    Ok, so it’s not my favorite style of theme, and in this case it’s a website template not a WordPress – or even free. But some times you are selling to an audience that just likes the reliability of a type of store they’ve seen a million times. Template Pro Shopping Template costs $15, which is pretty cheap compared to having a website built. If you buy this this theme, leave a comment – or let us know if you find a better one.

    Wordpress Themes Premium

    You can get a slightly bigger preview by clicking on the above image, or go to the Company Website for more information and to order.

    11. Modern

    A very clean looking website that would be ideal for a professional individual or small, niche service provider.




    12. WP Commerce Steel

    This theme was specifically made for affiliate stores to be elegantly inserted into. If the benefits of it aren’t immediately apparent, it is deliberately minimal, to allow your logos and products to be the main selling points. What I like about it is the fact that the menu bars and buttons are subtle, whilst still being detailed – a rare thing these days. You can see an example of this used as a storefront here, although I think there are further possibilities with a slightly more heavily designed home page.

    DemoInfo and Download

    13. A Basic “Build Me a Website” Website

    Quite often people are asked to “build a website” for a family member, colleague or friend that would like a really simple, professional looking site. I had a look around, and found the domain company Siteground has a whole lot of free WordPress themes they give out to their customers, for just such a purpose. You can check the full list here. The great thing is, through this side entrance anyone can access them. One theme, known only as “Doggy” (or Siteground-wp53), I’ve found to be nice and functionable. It isn’t widget ready, which means you have to drop your sidebar stuff into the sidebar.php file in the Theme Editor. A pain, but a nice and elegant theme if you put in a good header image.

    Test RunDownloadDesigner’s Website

    14. BizFresh

    This one is called Biz, so it has Biz in mind – and while quite blog-looking (three column, RSS and the like), the shaded areas give a good background for a business site or perhaps a site selling products. With a bit of customization, this one could be a winner.

    DemoDesigner’s Website


    15. Nice Blank Bones for a Website

    Winterplain is a white – almost UberWhite – free template that has subtle blue shadows, as you see in many company websites. I’m yet to use it, but can imagine inserting “Ad-like” section introductions in the header, sidebar and main post window would make a nice, servicable company site.

    DownloadDesigner’s Website

    16. Skinpress

    There’s something about the strong yellow and rounded corners with Skinpress that makes it seem a really contemporary looking business site. Perhaps limit the amount of text on the homepage for a truly professional feel.


    17. More Blank Bones for a Website

    Another free one not dissimilar to the one above, with a slightly different page navigation and look. Don’t forget to delete the background image and header image to get a nice, blank canvas.

    DownloadDesigner’s Website

    18. Internet Hosting

    It seems every man and his dog has an internet hosting business these days (a tip – don’t go with the dog – they are pretty hopeless). Here’s a pretty good free basic template that looks like a paid one, if that’s your new business. Saving a few bucks on the website design and offer cheaper monthly hosting is probably a wise way to go.



    19. Any Theme

    If you just wish to sell products on your site, and none of these themes quite fits your needs, then it’s relatively easy to insert an Amazon Store into just about any blog template you might have (complete with your site’s header, background, and everything else blended around it). You can see a tutorial about how to install the whole store here. What’s good about this technique is that it uses a new page template, so that your home page can be relatively complex leading up to it. It could go into more detail, so I’ll be posting a more simple tutorial soon.

    There are plugins if you want to install just Amazon items into your page, also. For instance, this plugin will help get you started.

    20. CafePress

    And if it’s your own products you’re developing and marketing, don’t forget CafePress. There are others like it out there, but CafePress’ storefronts are great as they are nice and basic. If you want to get even more integrated, there are plugins and scripts that help you connect a CafePress shop font to your existing design even more closely.


    More business and storefront themes coming soon.

    Comments? Customizations? Or know a better theme for business? Fire away!

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    1. I am using WP-Remix for our site…not free…but was so very easy to customize and set up, which to me is well worth it! Another one I like (also not free) is itheme’s essence which is similar but a little different.

      I really like the looks of the website traffic one…with a few changes (like maybe a recent posts loop in one of the footer sections) I might just have to give it a spin for other sites I create and design. Nice list!

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